“O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo!”

My hometown is Niterói, lying at the Guanabara Bay banks, opposite to Rio de Janeiro. I grew up having one of the most astonishing views someone could ever have in a whole life. Although the Cariocas love to make jokes saying that the best of Niterói is the view towards Rio, I have to admit, that till today every time I visit this marvellous city I am impressed.

Rio, is a city full of contrast. The North side lacks of the natural beauty that The South has plenty. But its people are full of joy and the samba is at home. The Tijuca Massif separates the two sides of the city. The forest that surrounds those mountains is beyond beautiful. But it has once almost disappeared. During the coffee era in Brazil, farmers have destroyed its planting coffee trees.  The city suffered the consequences: diminished water supplies, landslides and floods. After majors drought during the years of 1824, 1829, 1833 e 1846, in 1861, Dom Pedro II, the Brazilian Emperor, issued a decree expropriating degraded coffee plantations from their owners near Rio de Janeiro. The decree encouraged reforestation of the mountainous area, and was aimed at restoring watershed services to the city. After all the original forest had been destroyed to make way for coffee farms, Tijuca was replanted by Major Manuel Gomes Archer. These actions led to the restoration of the Tijuca Forest, ultimately inaugurated as the Tijuca National Park. It is now the largest urban forest in the world (32 km²).

The Tijuca Forest is the evidence that we can fix the damage we have already made to our planet.

The photos that I am showing you, are of a different point of view from what the normal tourists are used to. On weekends we used to go to the Niterói ocean beaches and this is what you are going to see. Also there are some others scenes from the Sheraton Hotel at Niemeyer road.

From Rio I have special friends. My number one fan is my lovely wife Claudia who always supported me in my photography hobby, even carrying the heavy backpack, tripod, holding the flash or waiting patiently inside the car on the several stops I make when photo traveling.

Will also thank very much Beth Rocha who made the logo design and was actually my second fan and she is responsible to pulling me forward to show my photos. The clean design of the website is also her creation.

Luiz Vieira is a fantastic writer and he is the author of the text in my info page. Thank you very much for the lovely words.

Gustavo Corrêa helped me on creating and setting up the website template. Thank you as well.

Enjoy Rio!