First Post

I want this blog not to be just a technical one about photography. There are hundreds of blogs and sites that are very good in this matter. 

After having a life of wandering the world due to my job as an airline pilot, some issues are bothering inside my mind.

We humans still do not realized that this planet is like a spaceship. We have nowhere to go if this spaceship, called EARTH, is damaged. There won't be any emergency landing to save the unique environment that allows life to exist here.

To increase the humans conscience about our existence in this spaceship Earth, I am starting this discussion with you.

The original idea is not mine but from an Brazilian sailor, Jesus, that with his family went around the Atlantic Ocean on a small sailing boat. Maybe he had the same sensation of been just a small dust grain in this universe. When I am crossing at 38000 feet the oceans I also realized that although a Boeing 777 looks so big on the airport tarmac, we are so small and fragile life but our ego.

There shouldn't be any boundaries in between the countries. There shouldn't be any country flag but only the white flag. We, humans, are the same wherever you live. This political system that this spaceship is divide in, is just for controlling, dividing and governing the people.

Differences should be kept only for the reason of heritage of culture, that is beautiful. 

No one will ever leave his place and beloved ones if there are at least the minimum condition of a healthy life. We should work in this direction.

You may call it utopia but I call it necessity. There isn't any other alternative.

I hope my photos will help we, Humans, to understand our place in the universe.

Thank you for reading.